A helping hand

Calculating gutter orders is not really complicated. However, if you have never done it before here is a little helping hand. You can use these questions as a start to get your process going.

Calculating gutter need

For instance, this document contains a few simple but basic questions you can start with. Furthermore, the same type of questions is outlined below. In addition, depending on the complexity of your home or building you are looking at replacing or adding gutters to, you might have to add some info. That is to say, the questions here are the very basic ones that always are part of figuring out your gutter needs.

Measuring gutter need
Calculating gutters

Basic questions

  1. How many and how long runs of gutter are you looking at doing?
  2. Do you havea ny corners on your building? Inside or outside and how many?
  3. Is the fascia board vertical (plumb) or is it perpendicular to the roofline?
  4. How many down spout locations do you need? What is the height of your walls?
  5. Are the downspouts going into ground pipes? Perhaps you should add leaf chutes?
  6. How large is the overhang, from your siding to the fascia board?
  7. What color are you thinking of? White, black, dark bronze, anthracite, or silver?
  8. Can you provide cell phone pictures or other photos of the house?

For new construction homes, multi-family or commercial buildings, please send our office the drawings with elevations and roof plans. Email: info@nordicsteelgutters.com.

Calculating gutter need

In conclusion, reply to the basic questions above, and get your gutter project started. Usually, any type of building will provide you with the answers if you just know how to interpret them. For instance, if you have a gable roof on your house and both sides are upwards of 50 feet long. Then it is a good idea to have a downspout at each end, so in total four (4). When the gutter runs start getting longer than 30′, you should consider this.

Making your measurements and figuring out what you need is easier than you think. The installation instructions provide guidelines for how to install, at the same time it also shows you what you should measure. For any and all questions just reach out to our office via chat on the webpage or per the email above.