Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does Nordic Steel Gutters come from?
Nordic Steel Gutters are produced by a Swedish company called Lindab. The system have been around for over 7 decades and is the absolute market leader in many locations around the world.

We import it via container into Norfolk harbor, and then onto our warehouse in Virginia Beach.

Why steel is superior for half round gutters?
Steel is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It is much stronger than aluminum and the thermal movement is half as much and very much slower.

The hangers alone in the Nordic Steel Gutters system are so strong you can do pull ups on them.

Is it more difficult to install half round steel gutters?
No its not, quite the contrary. The Nordic Steel Gutters system is so easy to install that almost anyone can do it. Due to the ingenious solutions with end caps and connectors simply snapping on the system, it is fast and easy and it does not leak, ever. For the handyperson some tools you need are a hacksaw or a miter saw, a couple of tin snips to make a whole in the gutter and an electric screwdriver. Special tools or skills are not required.

You do not use any caulk or rivets to put the system together.

However, to get that perfect result, we always recommend to use one of our preferred installers, or your local roofing company.

Is there maintenance for Nordic Steel Gutters?
The Greencoat ™ paint system on Nordic Steel Gutters almost acts as a sharks skin, and collects water molecules that makes the friction extremely low on the surface of the system. It stays clean a lot longer than many other systems.
If you need to, you can easily wipe it down with some warm water, and washing detergant or car wash mixed in.
Is the Nordic Steel Gutter system ECO friendly?

Nordic Steel Gutters is the most ECO friendly and green gutter system in the world. Steel is practically 100% recyclable, your gutters contain around 30% of recycled steel already.

The paint system is a very durable Polyester paint called Greencoat ™. Greencoat ™ is an SSAB invention (Swedish Steel Inc.) and instead of petrochemicals, the paint is built up by rape seed oil (canola oil). This makes this paint system the most ECO friendly in the world.

Why buy and use Nordic Steel Gutters?

The gutter system fits any type of building. For commercial buildings like schools, warehouses, churches and more, the system provides a problem free environment for the maintenance staff. It also gurantees many years of function without leaking.

For the residential buyer there is simply no comparison. The system provides the absolute best performance, and function with its super strong hangers. The total lack of any caulking guarantees leak free decades to come, protecting your house.

Aesthetically Nordic Steel Gutters looks better than anything else out there. Many times the homeowners actually get excited about having our gutter system installed. It just looks that good.

Is the Nordic Steel Gutter system expensive?
NO! We believe in making the Nordic Steel Gutter system available to as many people as possible.
It is priced very competitively and equal to other half round systems.
The life cycle cost is however much lower. The system lasts for decades protecting your house or building, without leaking or falling off in the first storm, or large snow fall.
How to contact you at Nordic Steel Gutters?

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