People don’t spend time thinking about if their gutters are of high quality or tested. Using the best gutter system prevents expensive home repair bills in the future. Therefore, smart homeowners use the most trusted gutter system. That system is Nordic Steel Gutters.

This gutter system is tested all over the World

First of all we develop and improve the Nordic gutter system. We trust our system because we test materials and paint systems in actual environment for years. Furthermore, all we learn we build into the actual gutter system.

First of all these test places are international. All are certified and under strict control. As a result we use locations of high standard around the world.  We use sites on the west coasts of France and Sweden for corrosion testing. Most noteworthy these places are only yards from the Atlantic ocean. Hence they are exposed to some of the harshest weather on the planet. In Florida and Australia we get extreme exposure to sunlight for UV testing. Other locations give answers on sand abrasion. Finally some urban places answers how polluted air affects the products.

Furthermore, this valuable feedback on the materials are used by the R & D teams. They look for ways to improve performance and increase quality. Above all, it means that our customers have the best product available.

Test sites

First of all we monitor the samples every 6 months. Also a physical person visits the test site and inspects the material. Almost all samples are exchanged in 5 year intervals. For the reason that they are evaluated. 

Seems like our system is the best tested in the world. Above all the products are truly forged in harsh conditions. Certainly the Nordic Viking logo is an excellent messenger of that.  Also if you like to read more about the test places and where they are. Follow the links below. 


Test site Bohus Malmon on the Swedish west coast
Stormy atlantic ocean and a test location on the west coast of Sweden.
In Brest on the French Atlantic coast lies this location. Run by the French corrosion institute