Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is steel a superior material?

Steel is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It is easier
to handle than aluminum and offers minimal thermal movement (thermal
movement can cause cracking and result in system leakage).

Is it more difficult to install steel gutters?

No special tools or skills are required; gutters and downspouts simply push together without the need for any sealants or fasteners.

Is there any special maintenance for NSG gutters?

The only maintenance required is an occasional wipe or wash down. Easy
assembly and installation guarantee a long service life.

How can we reach you?

Our office number is (757) 377-1091. If you need to reach Jan directly, email or on his mobile (757) 448-8149. Stan can be reached at or (757) 448-5715. For accounting questions, contact Annika at accounts@nordicsteelgutters. For marketing questions, reach out to

Why Nordic Steel Gutters?

Designed for large or small, classic or contemporary environments. Our gutters are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. No other design moves water more efficiently than round. Half round gutters just work better and naturally empty of leaves and debris.

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