Choosing a gutter system has never been easier with our attractive and durable products. Thanks to so many ingenious and unique design solutions, Nordic Steel Gutters has become the preferred gutter system by most professionals. With its truly unique hand-in-glove fit, and superior quality, it guarantees quick installation and high functionality – for decades to come.

1. Adjustable Fascia Hanger

The adjustable hanger is the perfect choice for fascia installations, when the fascia is 90° to the roof pitch. In other words not vertical (plumb). The hanger has 8 different positions. From low slopes up to 12/12 pitch. It actually also have a 0° setting which is for vertical (plumb) fascia installations. Calculate with one hanger per two feet of gutter.

2. Universal End cap

This end cap is universal, fits both left and right gutter ends. With the EPDM rubber gasket (same type of rubber that seals cars or truck doors) and the 4 flanges specifically developed to grip and seal, this is as easy as it gets. You can fold off the ear against the fascia if you have to. No caulking, crimping, rivets or screws to hold it in place. The EPDM seals and grips on tight, and you will have zero leaks.

3. Downspout bracket

A great product that simply wraps around the downspout, and have 2 locking positions. The first allows you to adjust the downspout, and the second tightens the product and wraps it securely around the downspout, holding it firmly in place. 2 brackets per downspout (10′) is recommended. Should you damage your downspout, you can easily open the bracket to change the damaged downspout. Just take a flat head screw driver into the holes of the bracket and gently pry it open. 

4. Gutter connector

These gutter connectors are easy to fit, creating a very firm and durable joint. The joints are guaranteed leakproof with a long-lasting EPDM seal. The EPDM lasts the system and is included in the warranty. The connector also takes care of all your expansion and contraction in the system. Don’t forget to add two of these per miter. 

5. Outlet

The outlet is unbelievably easy to put on the gutter, simply stick the 90 degree tab into the bead of the gutter, roll it back and under the gutter. It will click into place. No caulking, no rivets or screws are needed to make this product work. The outlet is almost 9″ wide on the gutter, allowing for a 6-7″ whole to be cut in the gutter. The outlet guarantees free flowing water without any obstructions at all..