Choosing the best gutter products has never been easier with our attractive and durable gutter products. Thanks to so many ingenious and unique design solutions, Nordic Steel Gutters has th ebest gutter products to offer to every professional and do-it-yourself person. Similarly, with its truly unique hand-in-glove fit and superior quality, it guarantees quick installation and high functionality – for decades to come. Here are some of the best gutter products to simplify your installation.

The adjustable hanger is one of the best gutter products

Showing how the adjustable hanger works.
Adjustable fascia hanger

Possibly one of the best gutter product is the adjustable hanger and the perfect choice for any fascia installation when the fascia is perpendicular to the roof. (not plumb or vertical) This particular hanger has eight (8) different roof slope (fascia) positions. From low slopes, all the way up to a 12/12 pitch. The adjustable hanger actually also has a 0° setting which is for a vertical or plumb fascia board.

The first thing to remember is that this is great for all contractors and DIY people who end up with a sloping fascia and no access to the roof substrate. This is typical because in many cases thinking of installing gutters is often still an afterthought. It sometimes takes that first rainstorm to batter landscaping, flood crawlspaces, or other events to realize that gutters are a vital part of your home’s protection against the elements.

The best gutter products has end cap that fits all

Installing the universal end cap on a piece of gutter.
The Nordic end cap is being installed

This end cap is universal, meaning the same product fits on both the left and the right sides of the gutter. The Nordic end cap has an EPDM gasket that for this particular product consists of four (4) flanges. The purpose of these flanges is to specifically grip and seal around the gutter. In other words, it is as easy as it gets. No caulking required, no rivets, just tap it on firmly.

The pre-stamped outer ends or ears of the end caps allow you to easily bend them off. You will need to do this if you have an installation right up against the fascia board.

Another key point you might not know about. Indeed, the same type of EPDM that seals this product is what you find sealing your truck or car doors. Never gets brittle, never gets old, and probably outlasts both your truck and this system.

The best gutter product that never leaks, the connector

Installing the gutter connector between two gutters, showing the EPDM gasket.
Installing the gutter connector

These gutter connectors (or gaskets) are super easy to fit. Creating a very firm and durable joint between gutters and gutters and miters. The gutter connectors guarantee no leaks with the long-lasting EPDM seal. In the same fashion as the end cap, the EPDM gasket effectively seals the connections. Specifically, the EPDM on the connectors are of a different type. In fact, designed to seal in the most efficient way.

Another key point is handling the expansion and contraction. All materials move to different extents. For instance, aluminum moves twice as much as steel. At the same time, copper moves almost as much as aluminum. Equally important is how fast the material is expanding and contracting. Due to the thinner aluminum material, it usually is moving much faster than steel. For that reason, aluminum usually is tugging and pulling at all its connections. In short, the gutter connector is designed to handle all expansion and contraction.

The best gutter outlet is also the largest ever

Showing a very large cut hole in the gutter and seeing the outlet from the inside through the gutter. The tabbed down drip edge is also visible.
Huge outlet hole
Installing the outlet on a piece of gutter. The tab is already inserted into the bead and the outlet is almost fully folded onto the gutter.
Installing the outlet

This outlet is unbelievably easy to install and is an example of another great gutter product. Simply stick the tab in the front into the bead of the gutter and fold the outlet back. As a result of the perfect fit, it simply clicks into place. You do not have to caulk or fasten it with any screws or rivets.

In order to install you need to cut a hole in the gutter of course. Basically, a pair of tin snips are used most often. If you cut the hole with any form of power tool, just remember no abrasive blades. Nonetheless, sparks are ok, just be sure that you are cleaning off any burrs.

Another key point is that you bend down the edges of the cut hole. Using either a hammer or a pair of pliers. This creates a free-flowing edge (drip edge). As a result, it releases the water straight into the downspout. Having a 6-7″ large hole without any obstructions is key. Tennis balls, pine cones, and other debris will be hurtling down to the ground.